Indigo Waves


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Indigo Waves is a retro inspired bedroom pop band. The Provo quartet—Austin Oestreich [vocals, guitar], Matthew Mink [guitar, synthesizer], Bryson Harvey [bass], and Dallin Hunt [drums]— explore nostalgia, aging, and loneliness in their 3 songs "Spaceship Sinking" (2018), "Thanks" (2019) and "Jerry Whiner" (2019).


In 2017 fate allowed Matt to run into Bryson while collecting signatures to legalize medical cannabis in the streets of downtown Provo. Matt said "Hey man, you look like you'd be in a band" to which Bryson replied "I actually am!" Matt then met Austin at Utah Valley University, and Dallin found them through a classifieds ad. The band all moved in together the following year.


2018 Saw the band release their first single "Spaceship Sinking" which keyboardist Matthew Mink wrote as a 16 year old. This song was the first single off of their 2018 album Traveler, which was followed by a plethora of local concerts and increasing popularity locally.

Eventually interests changed and in 2019 Indigo Waves surrendered their old sound for a much more dreamy lo-fi pop sound. These changes were made manifest in their 2 most recent singles "Thanks" and "Jerry Whiner." These songs were featured across several online playlists and blogs including David Dean Burkhart's famous YouTube channel and Birp fm. Their newest single "Virtual Vacation" comes out on May 22nd.


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