• Carissa Marques

A Look Into Lakeside

Cover art by Anthony Mikus @anthonymikusart on Instagram

On June 14, 2020, Speed Demon Record's Anthony Nguyen, musically known as Naynoth, released his EP Lakeside. The four-track EP came right in time for the summer season and is filled with cheery indie/lo-fi sounds. When asked about the new sound of these songs, Nguyen says he tried to take a more indie-pop approach, although he doesn't conform himself to a specific genre. Boy Pablo has been a current inspiration for his latest work.

Some of these songs have been in the works for over a year, but quarantine has allowed Nguyen to write a couple within a month. He works from home and produces all the songs on an iPad Mini.

I loved the video he posted to promote his song, "Monday", on Instagram. The lo-fi song played over a compilation of Jim and Pam clips from the sitcom, The Office. I asked him what made him choose this for the song, and he replied, "they're THE tv couple!" Once he started talking about inspiration for the EP, it totally made sense why he chose this "it couple" for the video. The love songs are inspired by his relationship with his girlfriend of three years. For those that are fans of The Office, you already know Jim and Pam act as the blueprint for long-lasting love.

"Thank you to everyone who has streamed it so far. I hope people can use it to correlate to their daily lives, whatever mood they're in," says Nguyen. Stay on the lookout for new music from Naynoth this fall, including a project with ERHYS. In the mean time, you can stream Lakeside for the best summer vibes.

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