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Ashton Chase Announces Debut EP

As of this morning, fans can anticipate the release of "Unspoken" by Ashton Chase September 6th, 2019 on all major streaming platforms. Previously known for his work in ACTR (the Columbus-based boy band comprised of theater majors), Ashton Chase (real name Chase Pittman) decided to branch out sonically after the spending the summer at his home in Northeast Florida. While at home, Chase had the time to contemplate his first year of college. This reflection served as the lyrical inspiration that fueled his project.

Throughout the seven tracks, Pittman explores a multitude of genres, ranging from R&B to alternative. Although he doesn't like to confine his sound, he loosely describes it as "alternative hip-hop", a genre that is quickly garnering mass attention and appeal. Despite citing Childish Gambino, Tyler the Creator, and others as influences, Pittman forges his own artistic path with "Unspoken".

For those who cannot wait until September 6th, Ashton Chase can be heard

"Utopia" from label-mate Shane Malone's latest album, and on ACTR's "ALLNIGHTR" EP.

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