• Julia Coin

Breaking silence with what we know best: music

The past few months have been hard on everyone, but the past few weeks have been of a different breed.

I’ve taken this time to educate myself on everything, but I know I’ve only scratched the surface. I know that it is a privilege to learn about (rather than live through) racism, police brutality, and a perpetually screwed system. I’ve been able to live my life in a naive bubble, thinking I had a grasp on what was going on in the world. Really, I had only seen glimpses from the comfort of my life in white suburbia.

Now those glimpses are longer and the lazy oblivion of a comfortable life is gone. And I’m glad it is; I’m enraged, as you should be, but I'm also optimistic for the future.

I’m inspired by the protestors marching through the streets. I’m proud of Gen Z for showing the rest of the world what’s to come.

I’m inspired and shocked by my Instagram feed. I see some fighting for long overdue justice by sharing Black voices and links to petitions and donation funds. But I also see others fall silent or simply remain consistent with their weekly, unoriginal beach photos.

I hope those who saw the video of George Floyd as a “wake-up call” realize that there’s 400+ years of unchecked power that led up to those eight minutes and 43 seconds… and there’s a long battle ahead to set things right.

The music industry isn’t exempt from criticism. There has undoubtedly been a push towards diversity in the past month, but we need to make sure Spotify’s “Black Lives Matter” collection isn’t the best it gets.

This playlist is our way of supporting and amplifying the voices of minorities in a field that is already difficult to navigate.

Find our very own artists, from Ashton Chase, Naynoth, Ocean Child, Helladusty and Pastel Palms, to other creators, perhaps known or unknown to you. Perfect for listening to when you need an escape or while you’re signing petitions, donating, and being the active members of society we know you are.

Let us know who else you’ve been listening to… this playlist is just a glimpse below the surface of a white-led industry.

Remember to keep learning and listening. All of us at Speed Demon will be right alongside you.

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