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"Nowhere" - New Single Release

Two of Speed Demon Records' artists, Shane Malone and Ashton Chase, released their collaborative single, "Nowhere", on October 2, 2020. The song is different from most of their older music, and has a sound similar to that of the band Wallows. It has a summery rock-pop sound that can be heard through the vintage analog synths. Producer and sound engineer, Taylor Neal, mixed this single along with Shane Malone's "Stranger".

They began working on the song back in June of this year. When asked about the line, "I'm tired of living regret and despair," and how that relates to life amidst a pandemic, both artists had thoughtful contributions to the question.

Shane Malone: I definitely feel like the motifs of loneliness and longing in the song are pretty ubiquitous emotions for everyone right now due to COVID. This song was mainly inspired by the novel On the Road by Jack Kerouac. The line “I’ve got nowhere to go but everywhere,” is actually a line from the book. When I read On the Road, I became infatuated with the notion that these vagabond youth were hitchhiking their way across the country to find some sort of meaning in life. I’ve explored this theme a little bit in my song Winnebago, but this time I feel like those aforementioned feelings were magnified by quarantine. I think the best way to avoid regret and despair is to talk to your friends and go outside. I’m definitely in a better mental state now that I’m at school and seeing my friends.

Ashton Chase: I’d say that it [living with regret and despair] is preventable under the circumstances of a pandemic, but it’s a lot more challenging. I find myself doing it all the time, I frequently find myself reminiscing and spending some of my days in the past. Being alone inside all the time with your thoughts makes it really easy to do that. I just try to keep looking for the light even when it gets really dim. The things worth finding are worth searching for. I know that’s way easier said than done, but it’s something I try to remind myself of when I sulk or start to throw myself pity parties. I’ve been feeling a rollercoaster of things recently so a lot of these lines really resonated with us. Something that’s been helping me stay grounded is meditation; I just recently started it back up, but setting aside ten minutes to get away from the screens and just is really good for me.

Both artists enjoy collaborating together, and have worked on tracks in the past such as "Utopia" and "Night Swimming". They look forward to sharing "Nowhere" with their audiences. If you're longing for some adventure, give "Nowhere" a listen while you think of going somewhere!

Art by Matilda Phan @rnartilda

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