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Speed Demon Freshmen 2020

Speed Demon Records is proud to announce the signing of three new artists, Indigo Waves, Ocean Child, and Driptones.

The Provo, Utah band, Indigo Waves, drops their new single, "Virtual Vacation", on May 22, 2020. Guitarist and synth player, Matthew Mink, started working on the song last winter. It wasn't until recently that the band got together to add the vocals, drums, and guitar. "Virtual Vacation" is the band's first song with real drums. Drummer Dallin Hunt said he recorded the part in his basement. Even though finishing a single amidst the quarantine had its challenges, guitarist and vocalist, Austin Oestreich, said, "I feel like the coronavirus has taught us to become more self-sufficient."

You can tell the guys have a big appreciation for music across the decades. In the Zoom interview, some were clad in Alt-J and The Beatles t-shirts. A few of their inspirations include The Smiths, Orange Juice, Boy Pablo, and Crumb. The band says their new sound can be compared to Spotify's Vaporwave playlist, heavy in synths with a nostalgic touch.

They're looking forward to working with Speed Demon Records because they, "just have ultimate freedom to go wherever we want," (Matthew Mink). Working with Speed Demon Records allows them to collaborate with other artists, all with pretty low commitment as far as producing songs goes. They don't feel forced to make any particular sound and are happy that they can continue experimenting with it.

Marco Landaverde, musically known as Ocean Child, is an indie rock musician from Chicago, writing and producing his music all from home. He started playing guitar when he was nine years old. While growing up, he tried his hand at sports and other activities, but says, "I always came back to music, music was always there." He draws inspiration from bands like The Beatles, Stone Roses, and Gorillaz, anything that was found on his dad's iPod, which usually tended to be British Rock. Like countless kids from his generation, Landaverde says Alex Turner is one of his biggest influences when it comes to songwriting. He wants to fill his lyrics with emotion, and that can be heard in his newest single, "You".

"You" was released on May 5, 2020. Landaverde said he wrote it right before band practice one day while messing around on the guitar. He played the first two riffs for the band, and from there they just started jamming. "You" is a sweet and warm song that's definitely filled with young-love-romantic type vibes. Although summer gigs have been put on pause, live performances can be found on his Instagram @oceanmarco.

Photo by: Francis Son

Landaverde says he found Speed Demon Records through a chain of Instagram hashtags. He was looking at music-related ones and came across Pastel Palms. The frontman, Joel Roberson, introduced him to Speed Demon Records. He started listening to artists from the label, including Shane Malone and liked how even though everyone is unique, all the sounds sort of fit together. The slogan, "You can do anything. And you can do it on your own," is what drew him in. He said, "I'm all about independence... that saying alone really sparked a lot of creative flow in me."

The last in the lineup is Driptones, a genre-fluid band from Gainesville, Florida. They recently started playing together in August of 2019. They joined Speed Demon Records because they like that it's a fairly local label with a large sense of community. Though quarantine has made it difficult to work on new music, it has encouraged them to try recording independently. They draw inspiration from bands like Mile High Club and Crumb. Funk undertones can even be picked up while listening to their music. They say it's best to hear them live, so to get a little taste of that be sure to check them out on High Dive's Facebook live on May 29, 2020.

We're happy to have these new additions to the Speed Demon family, and we think you'll love listening to them too!

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