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VAEO makes a splash with new song, "Big Water, Big Drip"

The Atlanta based artist debuted the summery track to his Soundcloud page this evening.

On the song, VAEO (also known as Patrick Fagan) and longtime friend and collaborator, VACCHARON!!! trade verses discussing heartbreak and partying over the light and bouncy beat. "Big Water, Big Drip" is the first single off their upcoming collaborative project, "Mask Boys", set to release next month on all streaming platforms. According to the duo, the focus of this new album was to make it "as fun of a listen as possible", especially when performed in a live setting.

It seems that they have already achieved that goal with this infectious new single.

Cover art for "Mask Boys" (courtesy of Patrick Fagan)

The duo met in chorus class at high school, and have been collaborating ever since. Fagan is a classically trained vocalist and began producing beats on Garageband on his phone. Now, both are associated with the collective "Trappedin", and have been making waves in the Atlanta underground community. Although the group is fairly new, they have been quite prolific, with solo albums from VAEO and VACCHARON!!!, as well as a follow-up album to "Mask Boys", releasing in the near future.

Trappedin's style and approach to music is nothing but unique; however, it is evident that the collective pays homage to Atlanta underground legends like Father and Meltycanon in both production and lyricism. Fagan considers himself a student of the underground hip hop scene, and has performed with and met many of the scene's forerunners, like "Danger Incorporated" and "Liamette," as well as rising stars like "Grandma".

With an appreciation for the culture and a fresh take on music, there is no doubt that Trappedin will be a name you will know in 2020.

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